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    Liquefying Honey

    Almost any honey crystallizes over time. Should you have stored your honey in buckets or drums for later processing it is possible to liquefy it with heat at a later time. 

    Honey has a number of heat sensitive ingredients and the most heat sensible are enzymes as invertase, glucoseoxidase etc. These enzymes disappear over time and heat is accelerating this process. A gentle liquefaction of your honey means to save as many enzymes as possible through a targeted and gentle heating process. 

    We offer a wide assortment of apparatuses to liquefy your honey as gentle and as fast as possible. For single buckets or drums we recommend to use our liquefiers since they heat your honey directly without any loss of temperature between the heater and your honey. However, for larger amounts of honey we have provided other customized methods. Let us know about your project and we will come up with a customized solution for you.

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