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    Extracting lines are effective machines for automated extraction of honey frames. Depending on the size of your apiary, we offer extraction lines from 60 frames up to 200 frames capacity per extraction, which takes around 12-20 minutes depending on the honey type. This means that up to 2 tons of honey can be extracted every hour with this type of extracting line.

    The fully automated version works in the following way:

    1) You lift a honey super filled with frames with an automatic lift and place it on a conveyor belt.

    2) From the conveyor, the honey supers will be pushed over a scraper/knife (To remove the burr comb on the bottom of the super) towards a de-boxer, that removes the frames from the hive body and into an uncapping machine.

    2a) Hereafter you take the empty super and place it on a conveyer belt, where it slides towards the end of the extracting line to be filled with empty frames.

    3) After the frames have been taken out of the super in the de-boxer, they are now pushed manually into a chainfeed that leads the frames into an automatic uncapping machine.

    3a) The uncapping wax falls to the bottom, either on a honey-/wax separator that works with heat or in a tank to be pumped into a continuous working wax spinner.

    4) The uncapped frames will automatically be put on a rack equipped with two chainfeeds that the frames lie on. The chainfeed takes the frames towards the honey extractor.

    5) If you also buy a fully automatic honeyloosener it will be mounted on top of the rack, and automatically move the frames from the conveyor belt, loosen the honey, and move it back on the rack.

    6) The frames are now pushed from the rack into the honey extractor by a pneumatic pusher. When the full frames get pushed into the extractor, they push out the extracted frames on the other side of the extractor.

    7) The honey extractor is a parallel radial extractor, where the frames lie close to each other and it spins with up to 320 rotations per minute in a basket with a big diameter. This type of extractor has a high effectivity, especially because of the Venturi effect. The Venturi effect is achieved by blowing air into the extractor over the cell edge, to create a vacuum.

    8) The extracted honey flows into a honey sump and is then pumped through a system of strainers into tanks or barrels.

    9) The empty frames are manually put back into the empty super at the end of the line. 

    There are many options and solutions for this type of extracting line, and we are happy to advise you either over the phone or at a personal meeting.

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