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    About Swienty

    Swienty has supplied the beekeeping industry since 1981!

    Everything started as a small hobby business in 1981, and has since developed into delivering small and big filling lines around the globe. 

    We are located in Sønderborg - a dynamic, industrious city by the Danish-German border. Here, we have our production, administration, our showroom and our warehouse.

    Swienty World Wide
    With great experience and expertise, we operate both nationally and globally. We provide experienced and professional assistance and advice. We make sure that you get the best solution for your needs. Since the beginning, we have sent our products around the world and thus have great experience with fast, cheap and secure export, shipping and freight around the globe.

    We constantly expend our product catalogue with the best products from around the world. That is why we always offer the newest tools, machines and equipment on the market.

    We always work on improving our own products to  stay up-to-date and keep up with technological developments. This has lead to both national and international prizes and awards on several occasions. Among others, we have won several medals at Apimondia, but also the company's founder, Bernhard Swienty, has received the "Golden Needle" from the Danish Beekeepers Association for his pioneer work and life-long engagement for Danish beekeeping. An award, we are especially proud of, because it mirrors our deep roots in the Danish beekeeping environment. These roots are a constant source of ideas and inspiration.

    Core areas
    Innovation, quality, versatility, and utility are key elements in our more than 50 own products which fall into 4 categories:

    1. Filling
    Our series of filling machines, DANA api MATIC is the company's flagship. The filling machines are developed, so they are easy to operate, low-maintenance, very precise and easy to clean. You can easily change the filling amount by using the 20 programs that can be pre-set. The machines are based on a modular system, that makes it fast and easy to put together end expand based on your needs.

    2. Heating technology
    DANA api THERMA is our heating- and straining system that covers all needs in honey processing. The machines are effective yet gentle on the honey, which preserves the quality of the honey, while at the same time reducing the workload considerably.

    3. Polystyrene beehives
    SWI-BO are our high-quality polysyrene beehives. They are manufactured in the internationally used Langstroth, the Danish 12x10 and the two most important British hive sizes, Smith and National. For these hives, we carry everything, from hive bodies to feeding trays, and springs.

    4. Queen breeding
    We produce products for all facets of queen breeding. This includes useful SWI-BINE mating hives, Swienty incubators and our internationally awarded Swienty artificial insemination apparatus.

    Swienty awards
    1987 - Gold Warszawa - DANA api MATIC
    1987 - Silver Warszawa - insemination apparatus
    2003 - Silver Slovenia - manual lid-fitter
    2005 - Bronze Dublin - world extractor
    2015 - Bronze Daejon - Varroa tester
    2019 - Gold Montreal - Best stand, large stand category
    2001 - Børsen Gazelle
    2002 - Børsen Gazelle
    2003 - Børsen Gazell

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