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    Varrox Vaporizer

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    Varrox Vaporizer

    The Varrox vaporizer is used in November and December to treat brood-free colonies. this achieves an effect of over 96% and thus effectively contributes to reducing Varroa mite population to a very low level.

    By heating a pan, filled with oxalic acid crystals or an oxalic acid tablet, the oxalic acid liquifies and vaporises.

    Oxalic acid vapour fills the hive and all the bees and surfaces are then covered with a very thin layer of oxalic acid crystals.

    These fine crystals are tolerated by the bees, but have a deadly effect on the varroa mites.

    Electricity supply: 12 V, 12 A car battery. (220 V Transformer optional).

    Technical specification and dimensions:

    Lenght incl. handle: approx 36 cm
    Cable length: 3 Meter
    Weight: 0,4 kg
    Connection: 2 pcs. battery bracket
    Power: 12V / 12A 150W