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    Varroa tester 3 in 1

    Item no.  115876

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    Varroa tester 3 in 1

    This varroa tester, with three functions, can determine:
    1. The degree of infestation with Varroa mites
    2. The resistance of the mite to veterinary medicinal products
    3. The bee cleaning instincts, using the built-in needles

    With a teaspoon of powdered sugar, you can easily check the degree of infestation with Varroa mites with this tester.
    Fill the tester with ca. 300 bees and one teaspoon powdered sugar and shake it for ca. 1-2 minutes so the bees come in contact with the powdered sugar and the mites fall off the bees' bodies. Now you can count the amount of mites.

    The useful needles at the top and bottom of the Varroa tester can be used to prick holes into the brood frames. Then you can watch the bees' cleaning behaviour and speed.

    Technical data:
    Height: 19 cm
    Diameter: 10 cm
    Netto weight: 375 gram