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    TEMP QUEEN - pk w/5 pcs.

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    QMP - Queen Mandibular Pheromone is a hormone produced and secreted by the queen. Pheromones are naturally occurring substances used by bees to communicate with each other. 

    TEMP QUEEN mimics the substances naturally emitted by the queen from the mandibular glands, which control the behavior of bees when they encounter it. 

    TEMP QUEEN is supplied as a small plastic tube including a strip, which is hung inside the hive like a queen cell and secured with a drawing pin. Avoid touching the tube with your fingers or getting it on clothing, as it will otherwise stick to the fingers or clothing and attract the bees. Use tweezers, forceps, or rubber gloves (and wash these after use). 

    Length of each tube: approx. 5 cm 

    TEMP QUEEN can assist you in several different purposes: 

    1. Queenless bees: 
    If the bees suddenly become queenless, you can use TEMP QUEEN. It prevents the development of egg-laying workers and sacbrood, giving you time to find a new queen or add a queen cell. When a new queen or cell is added, TEMP QUEEN should be removed from the hive. 

    2. Transporting bees without a queen: 
    When transporting bees without a queen, TEMP QUEEN can be used to calm the bees. This keeps the bees in better physical condition and reduces mortality. 

    3) Moving beehives: Moving beehives to rapeseed fields, orchards, etc., requires that the bees be moved at least 5 km away. Otherwise, foraging bees will return to their old hive location and be lost. If the move occurs in sunshine, there will be many foraging bees out and more bees will be lost. It is possible to capture these bees by placing an empty hive with frames and 2 TEMP QUEENs at the old hive location.

    4) Small families for queen mating: 
    In a small mating hive, if an unmated queen is added and then not successfully mated, the bees will abandon the hive or be lost. By adding TEMP QUEEN to the mating hive, this can be avoided. TEMP QUEEN can also be used from the time a new family is established until the queen begins laying eggs. The pheromone keeps the bees together until the queen produces enough on her own. This happens a few days after mating. 

    5) Stimulating yield in new hives
    The pollen collection and brood production of newly established hives can be increased in the first 2 weeks after establishment if TEMP QUEEN is used. 

    6) Aggressive bees: When bees are so aggressive that they are a nuisance to the surroundings, the queen must be replaced. The queen is killed, and TEMP QUEEN is added. The bees do not realize the queen is missing, and you have a few days to find a new queen. Remember to remove TEMP QUEEN when adding a new queen. 

    7) Swarms: 
    If you catch a swarm and do not get all the bees, you can lure the rest into a swarm box with a couple of frames and TEMP QUEEN. You can also use Swarm Catch (item number 101931). 

    Shelf life: 
    The shelf life of TEMP QUEEN in the hive is approximately 3 weeks. Remember to remove it when adding a new queen! 

    Shelf life outside the hive: 
    Store TEMP QUEEN in an airtight bag in the freezer until you need it. This way, they can last for 3 years. 

    TEMP QUEEN is not toxic to bees, animals, or humans.