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    Swienty mini H-pump 230V

    Item no.  110333

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    Swienty Mini Honey Pump
    Robust Swienty gear pump with a capacity of 350 kg of honey per hour. Based on the well known easy to clean pump head from Swienty. Just unbolt two screws and rinse the pump head or put it into your dishwasher. Very small space consumption (base area of 35x22cm).

    As a standard the pump is delivered pre-equipped with a PP treaded male part. 

    The fittings need to be purchased separately (2 of each item number 110183, 11085 und 110175). 

    The pumphead and gears are produced in food grade massive plast. The base is produced in stainless steel.

    We recommend to use a hose that is  max. 6m when going straight or max. 2-3m when going up.

    Type of machine: Electrical gear pump
    Pump capacity: Appx. 350kg/h
    RPM 89/min
    Pump direction: Left to right 
    Power: 230V/Hz
    Powerconsumption: 200W
    Weight: Appx. 11 kg
    Dimensions: 35 x 22 x 32 cm
    Connections: 1.5" quick hose coupling (not included!)
    Tarif code: 84223000


    "It mixes less air into the honey when pumping compared to old style impeller pumps" / beekeeper from Finland"