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    Swienty flash heater/pasteur

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    Swienty flash heater with filtering unit

    With the Swienty flash heater you can automatically heat and fine filter your honey to any desired temperature above 40 degrees Celsius. The machine is equipped with an efficient honey pump, three inline filters, a freeflow heatexchanger with two sections, various sensors and automatics to automatically manage the heating process.

    The product flow is as follows: Provide approximately 30 degree warm honey to the machine. The machine will suck the honey out of almost any container by itself with the built in honey pump. Once the honey enters into the system it will pass through an optional 400 micron filter to eliminate coarse debris before it will enter into a plate heat exchanger where it will get an initial heating by meeting the heated outgoing honey and “exchange temperatures”. I.e. the outgoing honey will be cooled and the incoming honey will be heated to recuperate energy. After this initial heating process, the honey will be pumped through a controlled temperature section where it will reach the desired highest temperature. For pasteurization 63 or 72ºC are recommended but the temperature can be set freely in the system.  A sensor will pick-up the out temperature and adjust the pumpspeed according to the set temperature to ensure all honey passing through the system will reach the set high temperature. After the second heating phase and at its peak temperature with lowest viscosity, the honey is pumped through a redundant 200 micron inline filter set-up. The filter set-up is redundant in order to be able to clean one filter while the second filter is in operation. After filtering the honey will meet the incoming honey and get cooled down to 35-40 degrees Celsius in the initial heat exchanger and then be pumped out of the machine into a container of your choice.