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    Swienty Protector prof. XL

    Item no.  105026

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    Swientys Clothing series is designed especially for the modern beekeeper and includes the following advantages: 

    - With YKK zipper!
    - Ventilated hat to cool off while working
    - The size of the hat can be adjusted!
    - Large view area. The veil is barely noticeable and minimizes obstruction of viewingfield
    - Extra strong veil cloth
    - 65% polyester / 35% cotton
    - Double distance rings will keep the veil away from your face
    - Zipper all the way around the hat, enables the hat to be tipped back or taken off
    - Three pockets for all the tools you need to carry in your bee yard!
    - Wrist can be tightened with rubberbands to ensure the bees stay outside and the fit is optimal!
    - Tight elastic band that can be adjusted to fit your size!

    To find the optimal clothing fit for you, the following video shows you how to measure your size:

    Why are YKK zippers so special?
    Half of the zippers sold in the world are from YKK and this is not without reason. YKK zippers are simply the best zippers on the market! The entire production of YKK zippers is made in house at YKK fac-tories. YKK smelts its own brass, spins and twists its own thread, forges and moulds its scooped zipper teeth and on and on. YKK even makes the boxes it ships its zippers in. With every tiny detail handled under YKK's roof, outside variables get eliminated and the company can assure consistent quality.

    One zipper gone wrong can render an entire garment unwearable. Thus consistent qua-lity is a must for reputable clothing brands. For decades now, apparel makers who can't afford to gamble on cut-rate fasteners have overwhelmingly turned to a single manufacturer YKK. Now we have decided to follow! All our protector jackets and protector suits are with YKK separating zippers around the veil and down the middle.