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    Swienty Premium Frame Grip

    Item no.  106422

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    Swienty Premium frame grip

    The unique feature of this Swienty-designed and patented frame grip is that it opens when squeezed and closes when released (opposite functionality of a traditional frame grip). This means that the frame grip holds the frame on its own, which results in a much more pleasant and more effortless work.

    Made of strong stainless steel and a very robust spring. Due to the ergonomic design of the rubber handle, it is easy to hold the grame grip, ensuring that it does not slide out of your hands.

    In general a frame grip is a handy and a good tool to lift frames out of the hives. It is also suitable for holding hot frames when melting wax.

    The frame grip can be used for topbars with a width up to 3,2 cm.

    Technical data: 
    Total Width: 125 mm
    Width handle: 118 mm
    Height: 180 mm 
    Weight: 366 gram