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    Swienty Insemination Apparatus

    Item no.  113700

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    Award-winning tool for artificial insemination.

    The apparatus is used by research institutes world-wide because it simply is the simplest instrument on the market to learn how to use.

    Precision is ensured: While at work with the ventral and sting hooks, your wrists rest on the table. The support of the table will steady your hands. A joystick type of micromanipulator, reduces movements by a 10:1 ratio and operates the hooks and the syringe.

    The syringe consists of a rubber piston and a cylinder, which can easily be replaced aswell. The glass tips are easily replaced aswell. It is very easy to dismantle the syringe for sterilization and it can be inserted into the holder from the front. The queen holder is a simple construction. CO2 is supplied through a valve, which, at the same time, can be pushed upwards to hold the queen in position.

    The apparatus is shipped in a wooden case and includes syringe, 5 glass needles, ventral hook, stinghook and queen holder.

    Please note that stereo microscope, cold light and CO2 equipment has to be ordred seperately. These items are not included!