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    Swienty Capping Scratcher

    Item no.  107065

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    ORIGINAL Swienty Capping Scratcher - Made in the EU

    This lasercut capping scratcher is made from  stainless spring steel and is of very high quality. This model is virtually indestructible. It has straight needles that are cut directly into spring steel. This model has a food grade silicone coated handle, that is comfortable to hold.

    It is especially well suited for old combs and giving automatically uncapped frames a final finish. 

    The scratcher was developed by a toolmaker in Sweden with high demands on durability and quality. He sold us the right to produce the scratcher in 2005, because he felt he could not fully make use of the sales potential of this high-quality product.

    The sharp edge of the scratcher can be used to scrape off propolis from the frames.

    Watch out! Unfortunately there are some cheap copies of this product on the market made of very soft steel and a poorly processed silicone handle! Only the original receives a life time warranty!

    Technical data: 
    Width: 75 mm 
    Length: 205 mm 
    Length handle: 125 mm 
    Stainless steel: 2 mm 
    Number of needles: 16