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    Straining system 45ø DANA api CLARA

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    Continous Strainer system DANA api CLARA - with high straining capacity

    This strainer system is a very efficient tool if you would like to strain up to 500 kg of honey per day (we recommend it from ca. 50 bee colonies). It uses the different weights of wax and honey: The wax particles are less heavy than the honey and float to the top of the strainer. This keeps the surface of the strainer free and givest the system its high capacity.

    This is how it works:

    You first hang the conical strainer into the container and keep it in place with the clamping ring. Then you add the stainless conical insert and hang the heasting element into it.

    For straining the honey, the bottom outlet should first stay closed, so the honey level rises up to the upper outlet.
    The heating element DANA api THERMA II should be set to 60 - 65 ° C, so that the honey can flow through quickly. The upper outlet should stay open and you can fill the finely filtered honey into barrels or other containers.

    - Very high straining capacity!
    - Oblique bottom towards the outlet
    - Because of the constant draining the honey is only in contact with the heating element for a short time and does not get damaged.
    Technical data:
    Material: stainless steel, butt-jointed, welded gap-free
    Tank (inner): Ø 43 cm
    Height: 78 cm
    Weight: ca. 17 kg
    Outlet: 1 1/2" honey tap, welded at bottom level to allow for complete emptying
    Upper outlet: welded-on DN 50 dairy thread with 2" honey tap to screw on
    Including: conical Nylon strainer (mesh size 0.35 mm), perforated cone from stainless steel, stainless steel clamping ring to attach the strainer, lid, rigid handles, big DANA api THERMA 1000 Watt / 230Volt and 2" nipple with drain pinch valve for complete emptying of the bottom.