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    Strainer 45cm fine xx-long 90 cm. (350)

    Item no.  109076A

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    Swienty strainers 350 - XX long
    XX-long strainers can the bottom part be submerged into the honey. Thereby can the strainer take larger volume of honey through the strainer, because the debris will float on top of the honey. The strainer will then not clog so fast!
    Nylon strainers with string. When the strainer is clogged just pull the string and you will clear the strainer. The strainers come in three different meshes. (200, 350 and 1000 micron).
    Very popular, flexible and economic solution.
    Fits any size pail from 45cm to 90cm or more. Can also be placed on smaller pails, but will not stand as firm.

    Do not include stand item number 109120 is bought seperatly!

    Diameter: 45 cm
    Length: 90 cm