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    Steamwax melter 230V 3kW

    Item no.  104417

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    Steam wax melter made from stainless steel and with a powerful 3kW steam generator.

    It can be connected directly to the water supply or to a water reservoir with clean rain water sitting 1.5m above the ground.
    Because of the reduced water volume the generator already generates steam after 3 minutes. The well-engineered control prevents the heating element to run dry and also makes sure that the level in the steam chamber stays the same. Therefore only a very small quantity of water has to be heated up.

    Melting cycle (without heating up time) lasts about 30 minutes (depending on the age of the honey combs).

    The lid is fitted with silicon gasket and locking ring seals.

    Technical data: 

    Tank diameter : Ø 63 cm
    Height : 90 cm
    Capacity approx. : 30 Langstroth frames or 16 Dadant brood or 35 frames Dadant supers