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    Spinfloat CFM

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    An ingenious invention from Sweden, perfected and produced by CFM.

    Made of stainless steel. The honey and wax are separated using a centrifugal force (without straining)

    Continuous process with high capacity - roughly 300 kg/hr

     You avoid difficult cleaning of the strainers

     You avoid using a honey sump and honey pump

    Manual speed regulation (0 - 300 RPM)

    Hardware for wall mounting and an extra long cable (3 meters) comes with the product

    Thermostatically controlled bottom heater, which can be set between 0 - 85ºC (2000W/230V)

    Optimal inlet height about 35 cm. This means that the honey can run directly from the extractor into the separator

     The separated honey can run directly into a honey container through the higher installed outflow

    The Honey separator separates wax and honey on the basis of their different weights. The mix of honey and wax runs directly into the separator´s bottom and runs out through the separating entity.

     The separator is made of two bowls made of stainless steel, which spins around inside the separator with at a high speed.

     Because the honey is heavier than the wax, the honey will be pressed outwards and the wax „swims" on top. A cleverly devised system that makes sure that only the pure honey will run upwards out of the separator. Thus, the seperator functions simultaneously as a honey pump. Afterwards, the honey only needs to be strained and is then ready for filling.