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    Skephive large Ø35x41 cm heigh

    Item no.  101851

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    Skephive Large

    For swarm transport or decoration. Made out of good quality straws.

    Ø35 cm. 41 cm high.

    This item is produced under Fair Production in Bangladesh – why choose this product?

    Fair production means:

    The workshops in Bangladesh, where the skephives are produced, have great economic importance for the women who produce them. Families get supported through a secure wage on which an economic future can be built. Children are able to go to school, cattle can be bought. They receive education in reading and writing, and the job contributes to the families ability to live reasonably.

     Reducing the impact of environmental damage:

    Our supplier has chosen Bangladesh's poorest provinces Rangpur and Bogra as places of employment in order to provide sustainable and responsible workplaces for the locals. The locals get an increased standard of living and the production does not harm the environment.

    Handcrafted productions from our region

    Our suppliers basic concept is the production of handmade items by recycling cutting waste of the local textile industry. Furthermore, the farmers use a variety of plants form Bangladesh's tropical climate without destroying their natural habitat. No harmful chemicals are used.

    The majority of the products is made through the use of handlooms or are entirely made through local hand weaving techniques.