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    Propolis mesh 419x510mm (Cut to size possible)

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    Propolis mesh

    The bees use propolis to seal cracks, and at the same time they use it to kill bacteria and microorganisms. Propolis can also counteract fungal spores or at least weaken them. One can use propolis mesh during or after feeding, when the beers are busy getting ready for the winter. But it can also be used throughout the season. The bees see the propolis mesh as a large surface with holes which they diligently close with the precious propolis. If the mesh is completely full, you can harvest 80 to 100 grams of propolis.

    The grid should be placed with 5 - 10 mm spacing to the frames, so the bees have space to get up and close the conical crevices and at the same time they have enough room to get back to the frames. It is a good idea to put the mesh on the top box instead of the inner cover.

    When the mesh is filled with propolis and it feels relatively dry, place it in a suitable large freezing bag and then in the freezer. When frozen, the color becomes dark amber and the flexible plastic mesh can then easily twisted and possibly beaten so that the propolis is broken off. Our propolis mesh is of course food approved.

    Easy to use! And can also be used as ventilation during migration.

    Technical data:

    419 x 510 mm

    (can be cut to)