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    Nuc Box for LS/Dadant

    Item no.  100038

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    100038 Nuc Box

    With possibility to use it as mating hive. It can be divided so that is possible to make 2 or 3 Nuc Boxes in the hive.

    Or you can make up to 3 Nuc Boxes in the hive and use the 2 queens as exchange queens for the autumn. It's easier to change queens in autumn!

    If you want to divide the hive and make a twin hive you need to purchase additional set item 100041 and if you want to divide and make a triblet you need to purchase additional set item 100041a.

    The compact Nuc Box is suitable for 6 Langstroth or Dadant frames.
    Under the lid there is space for 2,5 kg. Apifonda.

    There are 3 ventilation holes in the bottom. It follows with a grid for holes and 1 set of entrance tubes.

    If you purchase the hivefeeder 100038C and you keep the feeder on in winter, the hive will achieve 25 mm further of insulation.


    - A couple of extra queens in the same Nuc Box
    - Extra insulated lid
    - Shorter joint for better durability
    - Room for 2,5 kg. Apifonda under the lid
    - Stackable
    - Support points for corners, for a better box stability
    - The Nuc Box has grips on all 4 sides
    - Extra ventilation in the bottom
    - It is delivered without holes for entrance tubes, so you decide where they have to be placed
    - Submerged bottom grid for better placing of dividing rooms
    - Food storage with fall towards the entrance, so the feed flows towards

    Always remember to produce new families every year.
    In order to succeed in beekeeping, is important to have always enough queens in spring. You can ensure that by using the Nuc Box.