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    Meltingvat 1T

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    Stainless steel melting vat

    Melting vat for placing honey pails or drums upside down on a grid at the top. The vat has an integrated 1.500W bottom heater to assist the melting process of the honey.

    The vat is placed inside a hot room (separate air heater needet) and the honeycontainers are placed upside down onto a grid on top of the vat. The honey will melt and drip down into the vat and melt completely inside.

    The vat has an inclined bottom and a 2" gate at its lowest point.

    Melting time will vary between 12 and 36 hours depending on initial honey temperature, ambient temperature, type of honey.

    Technical Data

    Machine type: Stainless steel melting vat for honey
    Capacity: approx. 1.000 kg volume
    Accessories: Hot air blower
    Dimensions: 1556x956x501mm lwh
    outside dimensions of the vat Total height 980mm
    Power consumption:1.500W, thermostat controlled 35-80ºC