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    Levelswitch with 230V Relaisbox

    Item no.  110420

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    Level Monitoring Switch

    A level monitoring switch is a valuable tool when emptying or filling a honeytank.

    The switch can hanle filling as well as emptying of the tank and will start or stop your pump automatically.

    110420 is for 230V pumps.

    (110421 for 400V)

    Working principle: Level detectors are used for two purposes, emptying and filling. When set on emptying, the detector will sense honey in e.g. a honey sump and activate the pump as soon as it sees the honey. The pump will then start pumping and stop when the detector does not see the honey any more. When using a capacitive sensor we use a timer to let the pump run for e.g. 30 seconds or 1 minute after it has been triggered. When using a float switch we usually use the variance in the floatswitch (about 5cm) to start the pump when triggered and stop the pump as soon as the level is under the lower set-point. When set on filling, you place e.g. an empty drum you want to fill with honey. The next step is to mount the float switch at the top of the drum and then start the pump manually. Once the sensor then senses the honey at the top of the tank, it will stop the pump automatically. The most common use is to empty a honey sump with honey, since this part has a limited capacity. At the other end you usually place a large tank and place a level alarm inside this one, so that once this tank is filled, it will give and alarm and you know that you have to stop the pump.