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    Insect trap professional

    Item no.  114071

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    The insect trap contains a special actinic light source attracting flying insects combined with an original turbo aspiration system using a phosphorescent propeller for effective disinfestation.

    The propeller sucks the insects into a large
    removable drawer in which they will die from dehydration in a few hours.

    The drawer can be emptied and should be cleaned periodically.

    To ensure functionality and safety, position the device 2 meters from the floor, on a shelf or fixed to the wall.

    If used outdoors, make sure it is sheltered from direct rain and humidity.

    4 years guarantee (bulb excluded)

    230V/50 Hz - 50 watt

    Height 29 cm
    Width 23 cm
    Depth 9 cm

    Weight 2,2 kg

    Testimonial from clients:
    "This trap works extremely well, a lot better than the electric traps and this one does not smell when it kills insects" / Juha from Finland, august 2015