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    Honeysump 150kg - 130 x 56 x 29 1650W

    Item no.  109198

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    Sump (also called baffletank) is very well suited to clean large amounts of honey after extraction.

    Especially when using an uncapping machine, this device helps to remove most of the wax from your honey.

    The tank is double walled and heated to keep your honey at hive temperature and low viscous.

    The lower viscosity helps to seperate the honey and wax mixuture.

    The tanks is equipped with a few gates where the honey is forced to float under. This way the light wax is seperated from the honey.

    Under regular cirmcumstances, you only need to strain your honey for bottling after it has gone through this device.

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    Outer size: 130 x 56 x 29
    Inner size: 120 x 48 x 22 cm
    Honey capacity: 150 kg
    Powerconsumption: 1650W/220V
    Weight: approx. 34 kilo
    1½" Outlet with female thread