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    Hive Alive 100 ml

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    HiveAlive favorably affects brood and honey production. It improves absorption of nutrients/proteins/sugars.

    - promotes intestinal well-being
    - leads to stronger bees & queens
    - has natural active ingredients
    - is quick and simple to use

    Use it with bee candy or liquid beefeed in the spring to get more bees. Or use it in the fall to get stronger bee colonies.

    100ml treats 10 colonies.

    HiveAlive videos:

    Frequently asked questions:

    Will HiveAlive keep Nosema levels low?

    Will HiveAlive help with Varroa?
    Yes, spraying/drenching HiveAlive can help in reducing Varroa numbers but it does not substitute a regular varroa treatment.

    Will HiveAlive help with Chalkbrood and Foulbrood?
    Yes, HiveAlive has been shown in the lab to inhibit the growth of Chalkbrood and Foulbrood. Drench for best results.

    Will using HiveAlive increase productivity in both bees and honey?

    Is HiveAlive registered as a medicine?
    No, HiveAlive is registered as a nutritional supplement.

    Can I use HiveAlive at the same time as a Varroa treament?

    Can I add HiveAlive to all my beefeed?
    Yes, at a rate of 2.5 ml per litre.

    Why should I spend money on HiveAlive?
    The financial investment in HiveAlive is minimal compared to the potential financial returns generated from increased honey yields, colony population, as well as ongoing protection of your hive.

    How long is HiveAlive good for?
    Use before the expiry date or within 6 months of opening, whichever comes first.

    How long will syrup keep when HiveAlive has been added?
    Syrup will keep from going bad/moulding for more than 5 months.

    Can HiveAlive be added to fondant/candy?
    Yes, provided the temperatures are below 50º C/122ºF.

    What happens if I use toom much of the product?
    If a higher than recommended dose is used, the product will not be consumed by the bees.