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    Harbo micrometer syringe

    Item no.  113745

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    Harbo Syringe - the ORIGINAL

    The Harbo Syringe is an innovative large capacity syringe designed to simplify the collecting, handling, storage and shipment of semen.

    Further, it increases efficiency in commencial production as well as it meets specific requirements for specialized research purposes.

    It is compatible with most insemination instruments on the market.

    The 200 micro 1. syringe is calibrated in micro liters with intervals of 0.2 micro 1. This provides precision in the insemination of specific amounts of semen for specialized and production work. For example, several queens can be inseminated with the semen of one drone or one queen can be inseminated with the homogenized semen from hundreds of drones.

    - Unlimited capacity
    - Detachable glass tips
    - Protective glass barrel
    - Easy and quick exchange of the glass tips