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    Hain Heather Honey loosener - all sizes

    Item no.  107331

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    Manual Heather Honey loosener for thixotropic honey

    The well-engineered and highly accurate honey loosener made by Oswald Hain in Germany. 
    The loosener has two perforated plates mounted in front of the needlebanks. These scrape any residual particles off every time the needlebanks are pulled apart.

    The frames are placed between the two needlesbanks and by pushing the handle the needlebanks are pressed together and the needles penetrate into the honey cells. Every time the banks are pulled back, the frames move a little forward, so that every cell is loosened with a few strokes. Every needle is supported by a small spring to prevent the needle from breaking if it hits a cell with pollen or the wooden frame. 

    Can also be used as an uncapping machine for all types of honey. 

    Price includes wooden box for shipping.