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    Hain Automatic Heather Honey Loosener

    Item no.  107334

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    Fully automatic high-precision heather honey loosener

    This fully automatic honey loosener in stainless steel is from Oswald Hain's product line of high precision honey looseners and it is fitted with Swienty's fully automatic control.

    The honey loosener basically consists of two plates equipped with food grade plastic needles that penetrate the honey cells and thereby loosen the gel-like heather honey, which is then ready for extraction                 

    You simply place the frame between the two needle plates and start the machine by pressing a button. The plates are pressed together, and the needles penetrate the honey cells.

    Each time the plates are pressed together, the frame moves a little sideways, so that all the honeycomb cells are processed. The loosener can also be easily adjusted depending on whether you want 4, 6 or 8 perforations per frame.

    Each needle is supported by a small spring, which prevents the needle from breaking if it hits a cell with pollen or accidentally hits the wooden frame.

    Capacity: 4 – 5 frames per minute.



    The machine can be used for heather honey but also as an uncapping machine for all other types of honey.

    Must use compressed air! Min 4 bar - max 8 bar (not included).