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    Fullautomatic extracting line slidefeed

    Item no.  108701

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    Fullautomatic extracting line
    Full-automatic extracting line for rational extraction of larger amounts of honey.
    Up to five full honey frames are placed onto a rack in front of the uncapping machine and slide into the uncapping unit. Here, the frames are being uncapped and pushed onto a frame-rack where they wait for extraction.
    The parallel radial extractor (which has a capacity of up to 120 frames per load) is filled with full frames through a pneumaticalassisted frame loading system. The frames are inserted and extracted parallel to each other.
    At the same time, empty frames are pushed onto an empty frame rack on the opposite side of the extractor. Thus, the exprocess works fully automatic and smoothly.
    The whole extraction process works without any lifting! It is therefore not only faster and more economic than other extracprocesses, but also less exhausting. All honey and cappings are pumped into a high capacity centrifuge where the honey is cleaned efficiently.
    FInally, only minimal straining is required to make the honey ready for bottling.
    Price includes all necessary machines for extracting, pumping and control.
    Call for more information.