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    Foundation roller automatic 480mm

    Item no.  104561

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    Semiautomatic Foundation Sheet Rolling Machine

    The Semiautomatic Foundation Sheet Rolling Machine is used for transforming the wax bands produced on the wax Band Machine into foundation sheets and for cutting them to size by means of the attached cutting machine. The desired width is adjusted by moving round knives as required, while the length is adjusted by means of a counting preselector, the preset figure being the length in millimeters. Deviations in length and width are less than 1 mm. The foundation sheets are stacked on a lifting table from which they can be removed for packing.

    The rolled foundation sheets remain elastic even at low temperatures and, if required, may be rolled to very thin thicknesses.

    Regular cell pattern of approx. 800 cells per dm (square decimeter) on both sides. Special cell patterns such as 750 cells-830 cells-1050 cells as well as American cell patterns are available
    against extra charge.

    Please ask for a price!