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    Extractor self-turn. 8F 34x45 full autom

    Item no.  108430A

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    Selfturning extractor 34x45 Automatic
    8 Frame Selfturning extractor with programautomatic -for all sizes
    CFM extractors are state for the art extractors. Built to last - we have several still working extractors that are more than 30 years old.
    Self-turning extractors are commonly used for high viscous, very difficult to extract honeys such as calluna, manuka, forest or sage honey.
    We offer different sizes of self-turning extractors and are able to satisfy the needs of all beekeepers from the hobbyist to the professional.
    The base is made entirely of stainless steel, with a slight incline towards the outlet, butt-jointed and welded without a gap, so that the tank can drain out completely. Easy to clean.

    All extractors can be delivered with a bottom heater (Item 108591). We recommend this upgrade, because it is a great help when extracting over several days or when cleaning your extractor.
    With all models, we are able to customize the location of the honey gate, beam and tank height.
    The self-turning feature combined with its state of the art electronics, makes this extractor very operator friendly and economical to use.
    All larger models are equipped with a direct drive motor, mounted conveniently on the basket shaft.
    For customized models, please contact us, we will be able to give advice and find the right extractor for you.
    Number of frames: 8
    Motor: bottom drive
    Motor size (W): 750
    Program automatics: full
    Gate size (mm): ø70
    Basket/grid size (cm): 34x45x5,5
    Tank height (cm): 80
    Total height (cm): 113
    Diameter ins./outs. (cm): 102/106
    Height floor to gate (cm): 38
    Height floor to bottom (cm): 33
    Weight (kg): 140