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    Extractor radial 20 F

    Item no.  108604

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    Radial Extractor 20/36 frame
    Radial extractor for the mediumsized beekeeper -room for 20 frames
    Radial extractors are the perfect solution for all beekeepers who want to extract low to medium viscous honeys. 
    The frames are placed vertically around the axis like the spokes of a wheel. 
    The centrifugal force and the natural slope of the cells will ensure that both sides of the comb are emptied simultaneously. 
    In other words, you won't even need to turn your frames inside the extractor.
    The base is made entirely of stainless steel, with a slight incline towards the outlet, butt-jointed and welded without a gap, so that the tank can drain out completely.

    - 100% see through acylic cover w/alu reinforcements
    - Thick stainless steel tank 
    - Argon plasmaweldings- the best welding method available
    - Reinforced bottom
    - Basket in Stainless steel
    - Motorized Extractors with speedcontrol and reinforced gearing
    - 370 W motor / 230V
    - Ø50mm (2) honeygate
    - 85 cm in diameter
    Safety stop knop
    Safety lock at the lid
    Weight 96 kg.

    for 20 deep frames up to 48x25 cm and frame width up to 35 mm or 36 shallow frames up to
    17 cm side bar length. 
    Fits National 36 Supers (not Manley) 20 National Brood (not Manley)

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