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    Direct wax melter for cappings

    Item no.  104390

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    Direct wax melter

    Consists of a double-walled stainless steel vessel and is heated with a heating grate on top and heated side walls.

    The heating of both the grating and the walls can be controlled via two separate water circuits, which can be set between 30 and 85 degrees Celsius.

    The capping wax from the uncapping machine falls on the heated grate and is melted. The temperature of the grate is set to approx. 70 - 80 degrees (above the wax melting point), the wax melts and floats on top of the honey.

    The melter has two separate outputs for the liquid wax and the honey, which can be controlled separately. The melter has a very high capacity and it is recommended to use a slide-feed uncapper (107 539) or chain feed uncapping machine (107540).

    The wax is melted after this process.

    The honey is exposed to low temperatures, as the vessel's double-wall is heated to about 40 ° C and the honey is only exposed to heat for a relatively short period of time. Thus, the wax is separated from the honey effectively at a minimal heat level.

    Test for HMF: maximum +2mg HMF/KG.

    The processed wax is clean and does not need any further processing.

    Capacity: appx. 600 kg/hour
    Power: 400V/7.5 kW
    Dimensions: 111 x 61 x 55 cm
    Weight: 80 kg

    Please ask for a price.