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    Dana api Therma I Ø32 550W/120V

    Item no.  909167

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    DANA api THERMA (120V)

    DANA api therma 550W for ø 32 cm strainers.

    (Also available as: DANA api THERMA II 1000 W for ø 45 cm strainers see:109172).

    Does straining honey annoy you too? - Then DANA api THERMA offers the solution!

    The heating spiral makes it easy to filter even cold or crystallized honey and it can also be used to liquefy honey as well. You can adjust the temperature between 30 - 85 ºC.

    Since honey is liquified at about  35-40 ºC, the heating coil has to be adjusted to a temperature higher than this. Operation at higher temperatures is possible without damaging the honey, because it will leave the system as soon as it is liquified at about 42ºC/107.6ºF. Especially with crystallized honey it is. We recommend that you adjust the temperatur between 45-50 ºC.  

    Made in Denmark

    Technicals details:
    Voltage: 120V
    Power 550W
    Current (A) 2,4