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    Dana api Mini cappings melter

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    DANA API Cappings wax melter (mini)

    DANA api Mini-CAPPINGS MELTER is a round vat made of stainless steel with a perforated bottom insert. 

    The DANA api Mini-CAPPINGS MELTER is equipped with a powerful heating element under the lid and a fan that ensures a quick and even heat distribution. 

    With this system you will be able to recover honey from the cappings wax without destroying the fine quality and taste of your honey. 

    In fact, this yummy gold will not only be good enough to eat it will be good enough to sell. 

    The melter pays for itself in a very short time! 

    How to: 
    The cappings wax is put on a grill (capacity up to 40 kg/load), and the thermostat is set to approximately 110ºC. 

    The honey and wax melts simultaneously, but because of its higher density the honey will sink to the bottom, while the wax stays on top. 

    All you have to do is simply drain the pure undamaged honey first and then the lighter yellow liquid wax. 
    Do not leave the cappings melter unattended when it is working. 

    Duration of a melting process:
    Depending on the filling and the condition of the wax. With a loose filling with uncapping  wax from young honeycombs approx. 3 - 4 hours.

    Thermostat: digital 
    Diameter: 55 cm (inside) 
    Total height: 95cm (incl. motor)
    Height tank (total):63,5cm
    Height tank (from grid to top) 40,5cm
    Weight: 20 kg