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    Dana api Matic 2000 floor model

    Item no.  9110056

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    DANA api MATIC Super is a filling machine equipped with a gear pump. A gear pump is operated by a powerful direct current motor using a planetary gear. The motor is controlled by an electronic based microprocessor which ensures a perfect drip-free function.
    The filling weight is digitally displayed and can be set for amounts from 10 gram to 10 kilo. Up to 10 filling programs can be stored, containing weight, calibration factor and other filling parameters. The machine operates with great precision and can easily be calibrated to suit different types of liquids. As a pump, the machine can operate equally well in both directions and can work with different velocities.
    All parts that come in contact with the liquid to be filled are made of either stainless steel or food grade plastic. They are easily taken apart and cleaned.
    Technical data:
    Type of machine: Computer controlled gear pump
    Filling range: 7ml - 10.000ml (10g-14000g honey)
    Pump capacity: approximately 250 l /h
    Filling capacity: 550 fillings /h at 370ml, 1700 fillings/h at 30 ml.
    Precision: <1%, max. +/- 3g at 750ml
    Power: 230V, 150 W
    Weight: 18 kg
    Connections: 1 1/2” BS 2” or 1 1/2”
    Accessories included: Foot pedal, hose, fitting
    Accessories seperate: Various fittings, stand, nozzle for low viscous liquids