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    Dalinno Langstroth plastic frame

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    Dalinno frames for Langstroth hives

    The preparation of the frames is very easy: simply slide the foundation sheet into the frame and it is ready for use. This simplifies your work flow significantly and it only takes ca. 2 seconds to prepare a frame!

    The frame is molded in plastic in one piece tto ensure maximum robustness and solidity. An acid bath is not necessary. It is enough to boil or steam the frames to melt the wax off and remove propolis, which is more environmentally friendly.

    The frames adhere to the highest standards in mineral filled food grade Polypropylene (PP), to make the frames more durable, stronger and more robust. PP is made from crude oil and can be reused for new frames or other plastic products.

    The special plastic used to make the Dalinno frames can be used with temperatures from -10 to +120 degrees Celsius. The frame can withstand formic and oxalic acid.

    All this means that the Dalinno frames will probably last most of your beekeeping career, meaning that it will no longer be necessary to buy new frames every season.

    Made in Denmark

    Frame size: 48 x 23.2 x 44.8 cm
    Foundation size: 43.8 x 22.4 cm

    Attention: Dalinno frames are used with slightly bigger foundation sheets than wooden frames. But you can also use the standard Dadant foundation sheets and cut them to the size that it fits.