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    DANA api THERMA Straining system Ø32

    Item no.  109190

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    Dana api Therma
    DANA api THERMA Strainingsystem 550W for ø 32 cm strainers.

    Does straining honey annoy you too? - Then DANA api THERMA offers the solution!
    The heating spiral makes it easy to filter even cold or crystallized honey and it can also be used to liquefy honey as well. The heating process is controlled by a build in thermostat and a heat sensor which ensures that the honey will not be overheated.

    Swienty's Conical Strainers
    The special feature of this strainer is it's anti clog mechanism.

    If the strainer is clogged, simply pull the attached string and the strainer will refresh (does not apply for coarse strainers).

    The strainers are available in three different meshes (200, 350 and 1000 micron), and two different diameters (ø 32 and ø 45 cm).

    Wooden Stands
    Will fit any size of pail from 32 cm to 90 cm or larger. They will also fit smaller pails, but will not stand as secure.

    Stainless cone
    The stainless cone will improve the heat distribution of the DANA api THERMA greatly, as well as distribute the heat more evenly.

    Strainer System DANA api Therma ø32 - 220V

    Consists of:
    109170 1 DANA api THERMA
    109171 1 Cone
    109030 1 Strainer ø32
    109110 1 Stand