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    Conductivity meter

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    Conductivity meter

    Effective conductivity meter to distinguish between honey from flower nectar and honeydew.

    Simply place the instrument into a 20% honey resolution at 20ºC and measure conductivity in mS/cm (miliSiemens per cm) or µS/cm (microSiemens per cm). If the conductivity measurement shows lesser than 90 µS/cm, the honey is most likely from flower nectar. If the measurement shows more than 100 µS/cm, the honey is most likely from honeydew (forest flow), which bees suck from honey aphids. The enclosed plastic jar is filled with 9g honey (first line) afterwards 41g water is added (second line). At room temperature (20ºC) the jar is carefully shaken until the honey is dissolved. Put the point of the conductivity meter in the jar and measure.