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    Boutelje Automatic Honey Loosener

    Item no.  107420

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    Automatic Honey loosener

    Full automatic honeyloosener for the large beekeeper. It is capable of, loosening 4-5 frames a minute with impressive precision and with minimal damage to the comb.

    Automatic start: The process is controlled by a photo sensor, which spots the frames going into the machine. The only thing left for the operator to do is replace the loosened frames.

    Two pin plates are pushed together, penetrating the comb and thereby loosening the content.
    Stripper plates in front of the needles to clean needles from wax when retracting.
    Double headed pins for better loosening (only this loosener has this feature!)
    Complete adjustability of the pricking pattern (number of pricks and forward movement)
    Automatic ejection system
    It is fully programmable, making the user able to define the exact penetration cycles of the machine.
    The most advanced machine on the market made especially for professional operations
    Many beekeepers use this machine as an uncapping machine. The big advantage is that every cell is uncapped and much less cappings!

    To further improve the loosening the needles have been fitted with an extra head (See detailed picture, left).

    We can deliver a stand for the loosener - see 107429 (Picture shows machine with this optional stand)

    Please ask for a price!