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    Bottom board with pollen trap LS

    Item no.  100306

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    Langstroth bottom board with pollen trap for polystyrene hives made from maintenance-free THERMO WOOD (on the outside)

    The trap consists of an exterior frame of maintenance-free THERMO WOOD that fits Swi-Bo Langstroth hives. It has a large, removable pollen drawer (partly made from thermo wood) with stainless steel wire mesh for collecting large amounts of pollen. The drawer has good ventilation so that the pollen does not mold (however, the trap should be emptied every day) and an insert that is built as a sandwich plate with the pollen trap itself.

    The drawer with pollen can be emptied from the back of the hive so that you do not come into direct contact with the bees. On top of the pollen drawer is the trap itself with a large surface, so the bees have good access to the hive. The trap can be "turned on and off" by pushing it back and forth at the bottom. This way, the bees have direct access to the hive from the flight entrance, outside the trap, without having to take it out.

    The pollen trap itself is built in a sandwich construction of ordinary wood with a stainless steel 3 mm grid at the bottom, which acts as a lid for the pollen drawer. The bees are forced through the pollen grid, which is located at the top, so that the pollen pants are ironed off. The pollen grid consists of approx. 1000 holes with 5.2 mm diameter. It is made of food-grade plastic. The pollen trap also has two drone holes, which face the flight crack, so that the drones do not block the trap itself and can get out of the hive.

    Dimensions: H 14 x L 56 x W 44,3

    Dimension trap inside: H 4,5 x L 45 x W 34,5