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    Beginnerset for beekeeping Langstroth

    Item no.  100006L

    EUR 362,42
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    Beginnerset consisting of:

    100100 Langstroth hive complete (varroa tray, 3 x hive body, hive cover)

    102660B  30 pcs. Hoffmann frames LS with wire

    103911 3kg wax boards 12 x 10 LS

    102510 Drone frame 12 x 10 LS

    105025 Swienty protector with hat and veil (indicate size in comment box)

    105610 Leather gloves (indicate size in comment box)

    106020A Smoker including spark grid - stainless steel

    106278 Smoke Sticks, carton with 60 pcs.

    106310 Hive tool - American long


    Complete beginnerset, so you can start out with beekeeping. Bees need to be bought separately. We recommend you to take a course in beekeeping at your local beekeeping association. You can find an association clos to you under