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    Beginner set DBF

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    Beginnerset "DBF"


    Styrofoam hives: Choose between Langstroth, m/4 magazines or the frame measurements 12 x 10 

    50 LS frames Hoffmann with wire or 12 x 10 Hoffmann or 12 x 10 with corner blocks. Or frames without wire + 1 roll of wire + 1 pack of nails

    • 1 hive tool
    • 1 bee brush
    • 1 smoker
    • 1 Swienty jacket with veil (sand colour)
    • 1 pair of napa lether gloves with cuffs
    • 1 queen grid - fitting to the chosen frame measurements
    • 5 kilo of besswax foundation sheets - fitting to the chosen frame measurements
    • 1 Nassenheider evaporator or formic acid board or 2 apiguards
    • 1 Eigil Holm: Lærebog i biavl (Danish)

    To receive the textbook in your package we ask you to send a copy of the giftcard that you have received from the danish beekeepers association with your registration. 

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the package.