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    Beesnapp - Langstroth

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    BeeSnapp frames plastic (colour may vary)

    Your foundation sheets can easily be attached to BeeSnapp frames. Normally the foundations are fixed in the wooden frames during winter - a time consuming process.

    The frames consist of two identical frames made from acid and heat-resistant plastic.

    The frames are connected to each other with a snap lock and are easy to assemble and disassemble. They are robust and lightweight.

    With a BeeSnapp you can attach your foundation sheets to the frames within mere seconds.

    BeeSnapps don't require the use of wire. The foundation is held by 6 clutches until the bees have themselves attached the foundation to the frame. The wax construction the bees build is so strong that the foundation does not fall out of the frame.

    It is a huge advantage to use BeeSnapps for cold-pressed and table honey, because it makes taking them out much easier.


    The BeeSnapps are very easy to clean! You can have the frames cleaned just like common wood frames, but they do not require an acid bath, because the plastic surface annot be penetrated by germs. Therefore it is enough to cook or steam clean the BeeSnapps to remove wax and propolis rests.