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    Bee Sweeper - battery operated brush

    Item no.  106445

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    Bee Sweeper - battery powered machine to brush the bees of the frames

    It is time consuming to brush the bees off by hand. The Bee Sweeper can effectively and quickly brush them off.

    Easy to use!
    Hold the frame with both hands and lower it into the Bee Sweeper. As soon as the sensor sees the frame, the soft brushes start to rotate and the bees are brushed down into the enclosed underlying container. This way you can quickly separate bees from the honey frames.

    Practical collection!
    The underlying collection container is equipped with a lid in the end and when you take the container out, you can easily shake the bees back into your supers. The Bee Sweeper can be used when you harvest honey, but also when you make nucs. The opening of the container is 17 x 8 cm (LxH)

    Practical storage!
    The Bee Sweeper can be folded and thus it does not take a lot of space in the car or when you store it over the winter. It is equipped with 2 wheels that make it easy to drive it around in your apiary.

    Quick cleaning!
    The brushes can be cleaned by passing a wet towel down through it or they can be completely removed and washed.

    Technical data:

    Height: 835 mm
    Length: 620 mm
    Width: 390 mm
    Weight: 9 kg
    Power: Rechargeable 12V Battery