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    Atago Refractometer Master

    Item no.  107909

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    Atago MASTER water 12-30%

    Top Quality Refractometer from ATAGO, Japan

    - with watercontent scale

    - ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) - so you don't have to check what the temperature is in the room where you control the honey!

    - strongly built
    - very bright optics for easy readability
    - waterproof

    Scale from 12.0 to 30.0%. Minimum scale 0.1%

    Atago is one of the world leaders in hand held refractometers. Top quality!

    Calibration fliud for Atago MASTER - see 107912

    Technical specifications:

    Measurement range: 12.0 to 30.0% water content of honey
    Minimum scale: 0.2%
    Accuracy: ± 0.2% (10 to 40 degrees)
    Repeatability: ± 0.1%
    International Protection class: IP65 Water Resistant (except eyepiece)
    Size and weight: 3.2 x 3.4 x 16.8cm, 90g