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    Apiguard Varroa treatment

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    ApiGuard thymol (2 trays neccesary for one treatment

    ApiGuard is varroa control specially developed for bee hives.

    Contains the plant extract thymol that is highly effective against the varroa and tracheal mite.

    The product is very easy to use - simply open the tray and place on top of the frames inside the hive. The opening of the tray should be facing upwards. After appx. 7 days the empy tray is removed, and a new one is put in. After another 7 days the treatment is done.

    The thymol vapour is spread in the hive with help from the bees natural ventilation.

    ApiGuard is suitable as organic varroa control and has an effeciency of over 90%.

    For a treatment of one hive you will need 2 trays ApiGuard.

    Technical data:
    Apiguard contains 50 grams of gel with 12,5 grams thymol