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    Apidea Evaporator

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    Apidea evaporator

    The point of using formic acid in varroa control is to maintain an optimal formic acid concentration in the hive. This can best be achieved by daily evaporating the right amount in proportion to the size of the bee family.

    The correct evaporation is influenced by many different factors, such as the temperature, ventilation, the bee hive size, number of frames etc. So the evaporation can vary from apiary to apiary. It is therefore also important that an evaporator can be adjusted variably.

    The Apidea evaporator meets these conditions and can be adjusted easily, fast and precisely pursuant to current practice and research. It works in the same way as a krämerplate, but with better adjustment options for evaporation.

    The evaporator, which measures 9.7 x 22.2 x 1 cm, consists of 3 parts:
    A green plastic tray, where the special sucking cloth is located (the cloth is included)
    A smaller plastic disc with punched evaporation holes.
    A bigger plastic disc with identical punched evaporation holes.

    The bigger plastic disc can slide back and forth and make the evaporation bigger or smaller or close completely for the evaporation. Likewise, the top disc has a scale in cm2 so that you can adjust the evaporation accurately.

    Remember to use safety equipment when working with acid!