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    Api-Invert in a pallet tank 1.3 tons

    Item no.  114607C

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    One full pallet tank with 1.3 tons Apiinvert

    - including fitting for easy discharge

    - including tank (you buy the tank)

    IMPORTANT! The tank will be delivered on an export truck! You need to provide a forklift to unload the tank!

    Apiinvert is liquid feed syrup for bees containing fructose and glucose. The total sugar content (sucrose) is min. 72% and the water content max. 28%.

    Apiinvert is a whole-year feed for bees. 1 liter corresponds to the nutritional value of 1. kg crystalline sugar (refined).

    Apiinvert is supplied ready-for-use. Due to its composition it is not prone to crystallize in the comb.

    Dry substance: standard = 72.7%

    Sugar content:

    - Saccharose, ca. 30%

    - Dextrose, ca. 31%

    - Frutose, ca. 39%


    - Crystalizes very slowly

    - Content very similar to honey

    - Well suited as winter feed.

    - Fast and easy to use.

    N.B. Apiinvert should be stored above 0 and below 20 degrees celsius.