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    Api-Invert® in 28kg Box

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    Apiinvert 28 kg. Bag-in-Box
    Apiinvert is liquid feedsyrup for bees containing fructose and glucose. The total sugar content (sucrose) is min. 70% and the water content max. 28%.

    Apiinvert is a whole-year feed for bees. 1 liter corresponds to the nutritional value of 1. kg crystalline sugar (refined).

    Apiinvert is supplied ready for use. Due to its composition it is not prone to crystallize in the comb.

    Dry substance: ca. 72.7%

    Sugar content:
    - Saccharose, ca. 30%
    - Dextrose, ca. 31%
    - Fructose, ca. 39%

    - Crystalizes very slowly 
    - Content very similar to honey
    - Well suited as winter feed
    - Fast and easy to use

    N.B. Apiinvert should be stored at a temperature of 10-20 degrees celsius.