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    4 Frame Extractor w/motor Ø55 silent 32x46

    Item no.  108118

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    CFM tangential extractor Ø 55 cm, 4 frame with low-noise drive

    This honey extractor is equipped with a new, low-noise direct drive.
    It is extraordinarily quiet - even at full speed!
    The operation is very easy and intuitive: everything can be controlled with just one rotary knob.
    Here you can see a video of the product:
    The base is made entirely of stainless steel, with a slight incline towards the outlet, butt-jointed and welded without a gap, so that the tank can drain out completely. Easy to clean.
    Can be used for:
    • 4 deep frames up to 31 cm ,or 8 shallow frames up to 15 cm sidebar length
    • Frame sizes: Zander, DN, Langstroth, Zander-Dadant, Freudenstein, Gerstung, Kuntzsch, Dadant, 12x10, NM

    Technical data:
    • direct drive with safety mechanism
    • engine power: 40 W / 230 V
    • very quiet drive, even at full speed
    • continuous speed regulation: 80 - 350 rpm
    • hinged plexiglas cover half
    • tank: Ø 55 cm
    • grid surface of the frame basket: 32 cm x 46 cm
    • without axis in the middle (frames can be turned inside the basket) Langstroth and Dadant size excepted.
    • material: stainless steel
    • total height: 116 cm
    • distance from the floor to the bottom of the tank: 38 cm

    Weight without / with packaging: 29 kg / 35 kg
    Packaging: carton

    In order to clean the honey extractor you can simply loosen the wing screws of the traverse and take off the entire drive incl. lid.

    The package includes:
    1 pack of hexagon screws and nuts for the feet, a socket wrench (size 13) and a yellow cover for the bottom support.